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NYU GSAS Musicianship Wiki 

where NYU GSAS musicianship dreams come true




Are you curious about what goes own behind the closed doors of the Harmony and Counterpoint recitation classroom? Are you looking for inspiration for your post-structuralist Balinese ethnomusicianship course? Did you get stuck with H&C 1 recitations after spending ten years trying to repress your own conservatory musicianship training? You've come to the right place for musicianship secrets, treasures, and therapy.


Apologies for the irritating "TO DO:" reminders sprinkled liberally throughout the pages; they'll disappear as more pages appear.

Also sorry for the surfeit of bullet-point lists.




I've turned this into an invitation-only wiki because it contains links to exams. If you'd like to join, let me know and I'll add you to the list.

Anyone can now view the wiki, though I still have to add you to the list if you want to contribute.


What belongs on this wiki


  • Information about other people's musicianship resources: textbooks, internet sites, spooky historical texts, weird ethnographic films, whatever.

  • Your own musicianship resources: tips, tricks, humorous anecdotes of stunning success or failure (caveat: see "What doesn't belong..." below), lesson plans, syllabi.

  • Administrative information for this year's musicianship workshops.


You're welcome to simply point out the existence of this-or-that resource, but given the surfeit of theory material nowadays, it's better if you add a review. The more the review addresses practical issues, the better. For example, maybe you think the pseudo-positivism of Aldwell and Schachter's "Harmony and Voice Leading" is historiographically problematic. Great, save it for the grad lounge. Talk about this instead: did A&S's presentation of chord progressions help you teach keyboard harmony and figured bass? Were you able to twist A&S's Schenkerian analysis into some sort of listening exercise? Did you have better experiences with other texts, other methods of organizing or representing this material? &c.


What doesn't belong on this wiki


  • Anything related to individual students: class lists, grades, personal information, anecdotes with specific names (use aliases instead), &c.
  • Administrative information we get from the department.
  • If someone wants to start a Master's Exam Wiki or Post-Grad Employment Wiki, that's great, but for simplicity's sake I'd like it to be separate from this one.




  • If you have something to say about a source that's already been reviewed, you're encouraged to post your thoughts. Please add your text to the body of the file (rather than as a comment), and sign anything you post.
  • Please don't delete other people's reviews.
  • We don't have enough space on the pbwiki server to upload files. This is sort of a lame solution, but if you have a resource that you'd like to add, send it to me, and I'll upload it to my NYU account and add a link. At the very least I can keep an archive of uploaded materials.




  • Are you interested in using the wiki?
  • What would make this wiki more useful for you?
    • Would you like any particular resource reviewed? Add them to the To Do list.
    • Are you interested in any of my Finale files, or are PDF's just fine? 


Once I make you a member of the wiki, feel free to write your comments here.



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